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EduSoft is the preferred educational software for schools and colleges.

Data Analytics

We handle all forms of data analytics: deriving insights from data


Our software on property management is second to none

Business Center

Ours is a business solution firm with state-of-the-art technologies

Value-based Educational Software

Our educational software, EduSoft , simplifies a lot of school processes and ensures that you focus on what is more important, strategy. EduSoft also enables you to:

  • achieve your corporate objectives
  • reduce cost of operations and ensure security of information
  • access school records in a single place to provide academic, non-academic and financial information
  • register students, take attendance of students, input score and generate results with ease
  • rate students on non-academic criteria and provide information on homework, discipline, grades, and achievements
  • keep financial records(expenses, fees payment, assets, stocks etc
  • improve student/parent engagements by allowing online access etc

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Data Analytics

It is often a challenge to derive meaningful insights from data. With us, this is just a breeze. We offer all forms of data analytics and our projects include:

  • A template for confirming correctness of bank charges(deposit and withdrawal charges, debit interest etc)
  • A template for verifying pensioners pay based on year of exit, years of service, grade, salary structure at exit etc
  • Automation of routine audit tests(processsing errors, outliers, abnormal trends etc)
  • A template for bank account reconciliation
  • Performing all forms of data analytics(aggregation, summary, stratification, gap detection etc)

Please visit our website for analytical data to explore the other various data analytics that we are engaged in and do not hesitate to contact us for further training on how to use the web application or other data analytics scenarios not covered by the application


Our property management software, ProSoft, is designed to handle property management and hotels tasks

You benefit from ProSoft in the following areas:

  • Quick checkin of guests
  • Online reservations and payments
  • Seamless tracking of payments, bills and charges
  • Comprehensive reporting of guests, room occupancy, room status
  • Effective maintenance request management
  • Prevent double bookings and manual errors
  • Ensure effective revenue management through variable rates
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Inventory management and tracking etc

The software will help real estate professionals and hoteliers in several different positions

  • Property owners and managers
  • Hoteliers
  • Real estate Investment firms and companies etc

Business Center Services

We do not compromise quality when it comes to serving you. To ensure this, we have the best and the latest tools to render first class business services which includes Graphics, ID and Business Cards, ID Card accessories, Instant Professional Passport Photos, Online Biometric Registration, Cybercafe, Direct Image Printing, Lamination, Binding etc

Our office is easily accessible with adequate parking space. The environment is serene and devoid of the noise usually associated with business areas

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